The Front of the Paint Chip By looking at the front of the paint chip, you can learn several helpful facts about each particular color. … Sort By: Top Sellers. This sticker is from June 2017. * Color match should not be used for exact color match, please call for actual paint samples. BEHR Base: 6300 Porch Patio lust new/flor {CM} GREEN Bar code numbers 283316338848 Clrnt 384th oz, bl 354, DL 2 63, TL 5 350 Is this the same color and type? SEMI-GLOSS/SEMI-GLOSS (CM) Custom Color Match One Gallon 685212202108 CLRNT CL DL LL OZ 0 0 0 384th 340 8 T84 REMEMBER these measures are for one 1 gallon only. It is a hefty swatch book – and worth every penny. 384th oz. BL 10 160. FYI, it's the medium base for the can in both instances. Back Paint Color by Family Reds Oranges ... CLRNT B LAMP BLACK Product Details Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Houzz Share this with your friends Share with email Print page. Behr Base UL224 … Join Date: Jan 2003 . I'm not familiar with the Behr system, but there is usually some kind of grouping of the colors. Gray. Interior. Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Semi Gloss Enamel Paint and Primer in One Start with Ultra Pure White #5850 . Behr Paint Code - Home Depot Update 2019. For example, often the last number or number after a dash or period indicates different shades of the same hue. Roll Up Doors; Garage Doors; Commercial Doors; Styles. they put in 288/384th of an once of black colorant. Visit the paint department and ask for the Lakeside Estates Mailbox Post Formula which they have printed out on their HOA list, OR, give them the HOA phone #: 817-203-4264 and they can look up the formula. The paint stick on the top is the one I took to Home Depot to have matched. The paint was for my f/4is & f/2.8 version of the 70-200. BL 0 340 CL 0 44 FL 0 16 KXL 1 296. Asked by: Terry . Go. CLRNT: AX: C: L: _OZ_ 384th: 0 28: 0 136: 0 204 . Find the roll up door color to match your home depot paint. Location: Northern VA. Posts: 32,872 Mentioned: 474 Post(s) Tagged: 5 Thread(s) Quoted: 6228 Post(s) Liked: 5956. Happy to share the Behr custom mix if you want. Are these resulting in the same color? Grey Paint Formula is as follows: Quart Size Behr Paint - Base 4400 - Exterior Flat Matte. How big is the sample? Paint Type: Behr ULTRA Deep Base (Interior Flat/Matte) Paint Formula for 8oz Size. My husband picked the most heavily textured formula, much to my consternation. We bought a few paint samples of Behr paint. Monica Abel says: May 24, 2017 at 2:12 PM. Sprayed some Behr Exterior Acrylic in the CARC 383 colors listed above, on Airbornebandsman's M109 van today. Cut it about 20% with Flow-Trol to retard the drying time (triple digit temperatures and 0% humidity, paint usually dries as soon as it leaves the sprayer) as well as another 20% water to thin it, and at 40psi it sprayed GREAT. Looks pretty darn close huh! Behr Paint Codes. CLRNT BL OZ 0 384th 288 My Tiny Budget Theater Build. Reply. Location Fort Worth, Texas. DSCN9397.jpg. Isn’t it pretty! Thread starter fuzzytoaster; Start date Sep 8, 2019; 1; 2; Next . Each chart has five different colors with seven shades of each color going from the lightest to the darkest intensity. HOME THEATER CONTRACTOR . Sep 8, 2019 #1 fuzzytoaster Well-known member. CLRNT - 0Z - 384th. Behr Base UL223 (Satin)Custom Color Match CLRNT BL EL KXL OZ 0 0 0 384th 150 45 77 Cavalry Blue 8 oz. BEHR ULTRA. The paint color was derived from a scan of the 70-200 f/2.8 ver II tripod mount bracket - lens won't fit in the scanner machine. This is one of my favorite latex paints. Click the Close button to continue. Both replaced by Google Doc. 384th oz. The color isn’t orangy. I went yesterday to the same store and the new formula says: CLRNT: OZ 384th. BIGmouthinDC. BASE: 3750; CLRNT: 384th; DL: 126; FL: 56; RUL: 6; I wish it was as easy as sharing a paint color, but unfortunately it’s just a bunch of numbers. Timeless NickelGap Shiplap Paint Touch Up Guide 8 oz. CLRNT Oz. 1 of 2 Go to page. CLRNT Oz. When I went to get 2 gallons of the paint, I noticed the paint codes didn't match. BL 0 200. NEW. CLRNT: 384th. Home Depot put a sticker on the lid of the paint can with these letters/number. 236 0 Desert Tan OZ 0 3 384th 269 282 384th 51 319 90 OZ 2 02 Sandstone 384th 19 372 0 Silhouette Gray OZ 4 1 Cedar Red 359 384th 37 317 157 259 Get Snow Shadow Blue at The Home Depot On the right side of the paint chip, you’ll see a letter and number in an oval. So I get home, blend the 2 gallons together in a bucket and get to painting. Google Doc now contains Our Stain and Paint Info NOTE: There's another page called "Paint Inventory" to remove after reviewing/combining. BEHR MARQUEE. Behr's paint codes chip deck is the biggest in the business. Get Free Paint Swatches! Attachments. Blacks. Here's the paint info: Behr Marquee - Semi-Gloss Enamel. BEHR Paint. Steel Soldiers Supporter. Use paint color details – BEHR, Base 3800, semi-gloss, Custom Color Match, CLRNT OZ-384th, CL 0-29, LL 0-30, TL 0-4. Behr Base UL200 (Satin)Custom Color Match CLRNT BL LL OZ 0 0 384th 4 7 Farmhouse White 8 oz. 94.7 KB Views: 85. Paint Colors for Doors and Frames. This book has samples of all Behr Paints – over 2000 color codes in all. See our privacy policy. *All matches based off of BEHR Oil Base Semi‐ Gloss Paint and are based on one gallon. We used Behr paint color-matched our existing exterior, which I believe is Sherwin Williams Townhouse Tan. Your email has been sent. Wow! CL - 1/16. Paint Formula for 1 Quart (32oz) Size. Behr Base UL223 (Satin)Custom Color Match CLRNT BL EL JL OZ 0 0 0 384th 286 43 28 Midnight Black 8 oz. 3,689 471 83. Paint colors for doors and frames are specified as follows: Cooperwoods Almond (Behr) Premium Plus Ext Semi Gloss (Manual) Ultra Pure White (5050) Gallon Clrnt CL EL RL OZ 0 0 0 384th 184 36 80. b. Medium Base - MQ334, Clrnt 384th, AXL 3, DL 3, LL 172. Other than that, there is no relationship to the actual color at all. color clrnt axl bl cl dl el fl il kxl ll rl rul tl vl vul oz 0 0 0 384th 8 16 20 oz 0 0 0 384th 160 44 8 color clrnt axl bl cl dl el fl il kxl ll rl rul tl vl vul Door frames: Cooperwoods Brown (Behr) Premium Plus Ext Semi Gloss (Manual) Deep Base (5340) Gallon Clrnt BL IL JL KXL OZ 2 6 1 2 384th 12 124 64 192. VAPS. IL: 48. BL 3 208 CL 0 176 FL 0 64 KXL 7 32 Dec 7, 2014 #6 I used "Safety Yellow" from Sherman Williams, cant remember the exact enamel, but check my picture … 84.8 KB Views: 108. offset Well-known member. The Trim is all painted in a greige color. (The CLRNT, DL, etc codes) The worker told me it was the difference between a sample and a gallon. The big whites might have a more white shade to them. BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Paint: Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel in Ultra Pure White 3750 (I purchased a quart size). Behr custom light paint : CLRNT-384th BL-140 CL-64.5 LL-262 ; Behr custom dark paint: CLRNT-384th BL-301.5 EL-165.5 FL-290.5 CL-10 ; General Finishes water based Glaze Effects ; General Finishes Water Based Topcoat ; Visit Facebook View Profile. For the outside of your home, the creamy color of your garage door, and columns if you have them can be repainted with the following paint from Home Depot. Painted our approximately 700sq foot deck last summer with Behr Deck Over paint. (You will need about 10 gallons for… Paint Formula for 1 Gallon (128oz) Size. Next day wife noticed, the paint doesn't match what we thought. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. 7. Like Like. Use paint color details – BEHR, Base 3800, semi-gloss, Custom Color Match, CLRNT OZ-384th, CL 0-29, LL 0-30, TL 0-4. Explore popular colours, be inspired by Colour Trends with ColourSmart, and visualize paint colours in your room with Paint Your Place. Based on the info you provided, it looks like your Low-Lustre Porch & Patio Floor Paint was custom color matched to a non-Behr color at the store. BL - 1 /188. Joined May 20, 2003 Messages 2,119 Reaction score 43 Location Daytona Beach, Florida. Signs. BL 0 85 CL 0 11 FL 0 4 KXL 0 170. DSCN9507.jpg. House Paint Exterior. Good luck on your paint job! PASADENA POOL HOMES – PAINTING - COLORS EXTERIOR WALLS BEHR STR#6852 BASE 5050 PP EXT. DL 2 32. In this case, 550B-4 could be a darker or lighter version of 550B-1. Can we get a match on that, or would we be better having the paint on the top of the can sampled, or taking a picture of the wall, or taking a … A great tool to help you choose the right color. Chimera2345 is offline Quote. post #12 of 37 Old 04-29-2012, 09:58 PM. Next Last ••• More options Who Replied? This is a heads up to the MV community and those who use Home Depot to mix their military color … I had it color-matched using BEHR Marquee Paint – Base 4450 in exterior flat: CLRNT: 384; BL: 35; CL: 132; LL: 220 ; Painted Trim. I had them mix the paint in Behr Premium Plus Ultra Satin finish. 3rd line - 384th 176 224 176. Color CLRNT AXL BL CL DL EL FL IL KXL LL RL RUL TL VL VUL BASE: 3800 Color CLRNT AXL BL CL DL EL FL IL KXL LL RL RUL TL VL VUL Buckskin OZ 0 0 384th 172 184 12 8 1 0 0 384th 20 4 OZ 0 0 Glossy White 384th 144 60 4 White OZ 0 0 Base 3830 Bronze OZ 1 0 384th 347 18 62 Continental Brown OZ 0 85 275 384th 45 110 0 Evergreen OZ 2 1 25 258 57 384th 9 10 351 15 08 2 384th 222 260 OZ 5 12 9 278 … I hate orange reds. Mar 10, 2020 - Kitchen Cabinet Color: BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Paint: Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel in Ultra Pure White 3750 BASE: 3750 CLRNT: 384th DL: 126 FL: 56 RUL: 6 #diykitchenisland However, if you go to Home Depot armed with this information, you can have the same color as these kitchen cabinets! 1st line - CRLNT B C F. 2nd line - OZ 0 5 0. CLRNT B LAMP BLACK. CLRNT Oz. It’s a tan that goes slightly peachy. 384th oz. Behr paint color charts are arranged similar to the color wheel, starting with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and so forth. The previous owner paint the exterior of the house in ultra flat with the color nor'wester. Picked a color we liked. Some color chips are almost 3"x4" while the competitors paint code books might only give you a sample 1"x2". Thanks for the fast response. Let’s use Glidden paint’s Snow Shadow Blue as an example. Send Page by Email × Email this page to your family and friends. the formula on the sticker says: CLRNT: OZ 384th. Thank you. BL: 32. BEHR PREMIUM PLUS. CL:184 . Hi Terry, Thank you for your question! Stuff spread like concrete and resulted in splatters all over the railings which I wasn’t quick enough to wipe away. DL 0 40. The paint stick on the bottom is the paint they mixed for me. the paint is by Behr, and everything in the " / / " is what is needed for the different settings/mix ratios RAW Paste Data Sparkling Apple Green paint (S-G-430); CLRNT - OZ - 384th / AX - 8 - 128 / D - 1 - 176 / KX - 2 - 64 Green screen paint mix to bring to Home Depot. Browns / Tans. Questions 1-877-357-Door (3667) View Cart (0) Doors.

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