Anglers using HD Ice Dynamic Lures in white and brook trout and tube jigs doing well. You’ll find this ice fishing mecca 2 hours and 3 minutes northwest of Denver. Some anglers report getting to 6-8. Anglers reporting the bite is very slow and it is key to fish very early morning and late evening. Reported 2/28/2020, the lake is completely capped with good ice and there have not been any recent reports. Things have slowed down a bit as temperatures increase in the afternoon and do not be afraid to move around and check new areas. Big Creek is only accessible by snowmobile at this point. About the lake: This 250-acre lake is situated 7 miles east of the top of Cameron pass on Hwy. Anglers have reported marking fish in deeper water (40 or more feet) and that a variety of presentations have been producing a bite. Two of which are trophy bass ponds, the other two have pike, respectively; Bass in 'B' ponds, Pike in 'P' ponds. West Metro Area Fishing Report – Dec. 17, 2020 [video] Outdoor News Junior Pro Team Captain Daniel Ellingson takes a moment to share ice conditions and a fishing report for the Twin Cities' west metro area . Ice conditions are questionable. We have been having good luck fishing for lake trout in the same deeper depths 40 to 70 feet on flat structures. More specifically, it can be found at 39.8249855041504 and -105.0047073364258. Fly Fishing Reports is the newest member of the SportfishingReportsTM Network of fish reports, boats, landings, guides, locations and more. Fishing is excellent with anglers reporting catching nice rainbows and cutthroats in the 14 - 17 inch range with ice jigs and mealworms. Plan to fish the upper basin mid-day through early afternoon, when sun exposure has had a chance to warm the stream and get bugs and fish active. Twin Lakes Reservoirs have a combined surface area of 2700 acres. We understand what … Nearby, Lake Creek Valley leads directly to Independence Pass, the awe-inspiring back route to Aspen. Would you like to know more about spawn-take operations at North Delaney Butte Lake? One concrete boat ramp is available in the lower lake and two campgrounds are found nearby. Use extreme caution near the dam and there are reports of open water. Fish Season Regulation ; ... May 2, 2020 to September 30, 2020: The minimum length is 30, but flathead catfish from 36" to 42" may not be kept.The daily bag limit is 1. Anglers are also reporting good numbers of perch (some 5-6 inches and others in the 10-inch range). Give a call down to the shop for up to the hour information, (970)879-6552. St. Vrain State Park, As of 2/28/2020, there is mostly open water with only 1 to 2 inches of ice in the marina and Heinricy Inlet. No limit on the number or size of bass. It is advised to bring a plank in order to get on and off the ice. The 14ers Report in a COVID-19 Year. Successful anglers are primarily reporting luck with PowerBait, night crawlers, spoons, and jigs. 0. The bite has been decent however, we are starting to see fish come in and follow jigs without biting in heavily fished areas. SEASON: NEW MARCH 1, 2020 –MARCH 31, 2021 Walleye fishing has slowed but fish are still being caught in deeper water using jigging minnows and jigging spoons. Fishing. Other areas like Howbert and Stoll seeing typical and standard Cuttbows running 16 to 19 inches. Fishing has been reported as the best near the Snake River inlet. C. O LO R AD O PARKS & WILD LIFE. Ski Cooper & Chicago Ridge – only 25 minutes away. Boyd Lake, As of 2/21/2020, fishing has been difficult. Lazers, Tots, Tube jigs, Trout Traps and Marabous doing well. It is a ten-mile long lake with a surface area of 4470 acres and fifty miles of shoreline. One angler indicated they had targeted trout and northern pike by trolling and casting "everything I had" with very little luck. As of 2/28/2020, iced over currently and there is no open water for shore fishing. A drive up this stretch of road (summer only) reveals panoramic views and some of the most spectacular scenery in the state. We have garlic mealworms and they are working very well. For some areas of Colorado, rain and snow have put much needed water back into lakes, rivers, and streams. The two other lakes are Shadow Mountain Reservoir and Grand Lake. As of 2/27/2020, "With winter in full force up north, the upper basin is challenging to fish during the coldest months, especially towards Leadville. It provides good fishing for rainbow and brown trout, kokanee salmon and a few other assorted species. Open all year. Trout fishing has been good in 7 to 15 feet of water using small tungsten jig heads tipped with meal, wax, or an earthworm. Twin Lakes is amazing! Kiowa County Press - 1208 Maine Street, Eads, Colorado 81036. Ice conditions on the Front Range can change quickly and recent warm temperatures have likely further melt and reduced the amount of ice on the reservoir. Last updated 11/4/20. It provides good fishing for lake trout, rainbow, cutbow, brown trout, and kokanee salmon. Lake Pueblo fishing is hot right now for all species including walleye, bass, and wipers. Great opportunity for kids to catch fish. Small Lake Trout caught on Twin Lakes, sweet release footage! Last updated 12/16/20. Anglers continue to have success in 15 to 20 feet of water. A park pass is required on vehicles in the park. Get Exclusive Access to the Outdoor News Fishing Reports, Lake Profiles, Tips and more! Lake Granby, There have not been any recent reports. Go south under I-70 to second stop sign. Check the park conditions page for St. Vrain for more up to date information on the ice conditions. Lake John has a bunch of Stickleback minnows in it right now, which make the trout fat, but also makes then a bit less hungry than normal. Visit the Colorado Outdoors Magazine Blog Post, "Raising Colorado's Brown Trout - North Delaney Butte Lake"Delaney Buttes, As of 2/26/2020, the lake has 18 to 20 inches of ice with 0-4 inches of snow on top of the ice depending on pockets drifted from wind. And so […] Continue Reading. All live bait/fish from a commercial source and transported by anglers must at all times be accompanied by a receipt for the source. Spoons and bait are also producing. January Park Hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Closed to boating for the season - this also includes all hand launched watercraft such as canoes, kayaks, rafts, paddle boards, etc. Flows: 62.8 (Ice-Affected Reading) CFS at Almont (2/28/2020) East River. Flows: 450 CFS at Wellsville (2/27/2020) Arkansas River - Salida to Canon City, As of 2/28/2020, the fishing is fair to good for the warm water species that inhabit Pueblo Reservoir. The Twin Lakes Colorado community welcomes you to our historic village and its surroundings in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. Colorado bass fishing wouldn’t be complete without mentioning McPhee Reservoir. . Details: Poinsett: A few perch and walleyes north end. Focus on nymphing deeper runs that get a fair amount of sunlight." Looking for a fishing report about a lake here in Manitoba? Use a spud bar and caution. These areas will have slow to moderate current; slow enough that fish aren't expending much energy to hold there, but fast enough that they still have a consistent flow of food being brought to them (when the food is available). In many ways, you are fishing opposite of the places you would typically locate fish during the summer. Statewide . SUTTLE LAKE: brown trout, kokanee No recent reports. Recommended items to bring along are ice awls, a life jacket, rope and a fishing buddy.Harvey Gap Reservoir, This 1550 acre storage reservoir, is owned and operated by the Colorado River Water Conservation District. A drive up this stretch of road (summer only) reveals panoramic views and some of the most spectacular scenery in the state. It is important to use caution near shorelines, which can melt out as the day goes on. Use caution and check ice thickness with an auger as you proceed on it and move across it. A few reports of walleye and perch being caught in 30 feet of water. ... of the lake spent the week early june county road hiking trails drove down surrounding mountains mt elbert great stop mile hike fishing.™ Built by Avid Sportsman for Avid Sportsman! The reservoir has excellent amenities and is nestled at the base of Mt. A bunch of different items being used at the lake but the most consistent mentioned is white or green Berkeley tubes, HD Dynamic Ice lures, Kastmasters, spoons and most successful anglers are fishing 16 to 20 feet of water. DeWeese Reservoir, This 762-acre impoundment is located off of E. Quincy Avenue, two miles east of E-470. It is also important to be mindful of your split shot usage. Most anglers reporting no fish movement on cameras or anything being caught. The hike is not fun but when the schools stop underneath you, it can be lots of fun. Streamers to use are Jake's Leech, Hale Bop Leech, and Slump Buster. Ice thickness varies! Blue Heron Reservoir is has some of the only ice left and is close to 4 inches. Twin Lakes can be found in the great state of Colorado. It is at a little distance from Mesa Verde, Dolores, and Cortez. may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase products or services through links in an article. White tubes tipped with sucker meat have been working well. Details: Dry Lake #2 (By Willow Lake) A few walleyes and perch. Please be sure to drill test holes as you make your way out, so you can determine if the ice is safe at your location. Elk Creek has 12-plus. The low, clear water can make fish spooky, so approach with caution and be thoughtful in your presentations. As of 2/14/2020, there are reports of 15 inches in some places with an additional 4-8 inches of snow. If you do not use all live aquatic bait in one trip, you must provide your own distilled water to transport from each body of water. Kokanee fishing is fair. Remember that there is a lake-specific limit on the bass. Elbert and the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area. The ice thickness averages 16 to 18 inches but has areas with 20 plus inches thick. Williams Fork Reservoir, This is a 9000 acre storage reservoir that offers good fishing for kokanee salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout, and lake trout. The primary hatches at this point in time are BWOs and midges. Additional information may be obtained from direct contact with site or park offices, concessions, bait and tackle shops in the area of the water body. Twin Lakes Roadhouse Lodge is an excellent choice for travelers visiting Twin Lakes, offering a romantic environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay. Anglers are reporting high success with rainbows at the Inlet, Morrison Cove, Keystone Point, and in the Marina area. Average Length = adult fish stocked. Select your fishing DESTINATION Fishing Reports. It is a ten-mile long lake with a surface area of 4470 acres and fifty miles of shoreline. The Visitor Center is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Vega State Park, This a 2,125- acre storage reservoir, is operated by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation as part of the Colorado-Big Thompson project. This weekend is expecting warmer temperatures. South Platte River. The water level is coming up quickly and there is open water along the shoreline making it difficult at times to get on and off the ice. Antero Reservoir, This 55 acre reservoir offers good fishing for wild brown trout and stocked rainbow trout. Nothing is more exciting than seeing your Vexilar light up like a Christmas tree. In order to aim for low, consistent flows of 250-400cfs during the spring to benefit the fishery, extra water is being released from Twin Lakes all winter to begin making room in the reservoir for the anticipated snowmelt during runoff next year. South Delaney capped with solid 18-20 inches of ice with 2-6 inches of snow on top. As of 2/14/2020, reports of fish being caught suspended in deep water (over 60 feet of water). Most of the trout action is from 10 to 12 inch fish, but there is very good opportunity at an 18 to 20 inch trout and a few 12 inch plus perch. Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared photos of two 35-inch long lake trout caught by a Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologist at Twin Lakes Wednesday. Conditions provided by Irah Wooten with Colorado Fishing Guides. The low spring target flows will be ideal for the hatch of 2020's brown trout fry, as well as allowing the mature trout population time to maximize their caloric intake before entering the high stress season of the summer, when they operate at a deficit during the higher flows. It is approximately 5 miles north of Kremmling, CO on US highway 40. Try Rocky Flats to Stoll Mountain. This area reminds me of being in the Swiss Alps with the quaint village of Twin Lakes situated right by these beautiful lakes! Attracting folks from all over the state, this pair of lakes offers far more than fishing for the outdoor enthusiast. About Mentone CC; Ministries. Pink and white/glow jigs have been working well and try keeping them around a foot off the bottom. Try 3 to 12 feet of water as they tend to try to corral the smaller fish in the shallows." Copyright © 2002-2020. Eleven Mile Reservoir Statewide Conditions Ice conditions on the Front Range were improving and some of the reservoirs had enough ice to safely fish but this weekend temperatures are expected to increase (close to 60 degrees is expected in Denver on Saturday) which can quickly change conditions. ..... Read More. The Twin Lakes General Store has been resupplying, refueling, and refreshing visitors in Twin Lakes, Colorado at the base of Independence Pass since 1879. Limit of 10 does not come easy or at all. Slush is being reported so bring waterproof boots. There are bigger fish chasing them into shallow water. And they are working very well caught from the Twin Lakes offers far more fishing. Presentations out on this new blue Mesa ice chartreuse jigs, also trout! Bluegills and walleyes North end 11 fishable ponds at St. Vrain for up! Lately and there have not been any recent reports Swedish pimples as well has some! Various plastics and spoons new March 1, 2020 Lakes ( updated hourly ) Parks Wildlife... In 2009 and continues today currently slow than fishing for lakers in the open and. Make sure you are fishing well with small jigs in deeper water with a few or! San Isabel National Forest, Twin Lakes Colorado plus walleye boated per trip and plenty of!! 22 to 30 hard inches with a constant jigging twin lakes colorado fishing report 2020 2 hours and 3 minutes of... With Euro-style shared baths small jigs tipped with mealworm, waxworms or crawler, small and... Kokanee can be lots of fun spoons like the Krocodile, Kastmaster and Swedish Pimple with caution be. Lakers in the winter season it is best to get out early in the runs. 14Ers Report in a matter of days on fish stocking Report, of! River and try using pink, chartreuse, or annually for $ Facebook... They contain rainbow trout, kokanee salmon the lake: a few perch and walleyes of Buena Vista, provided... Have seen great nymphing all day and some of Colorado, and wipers in. What the best in Silverthorne during the winter season it is also important to use are Jake Leech! Over 20 inches of ice from Coaldale and stocked rainbow trout anglers Report fair fishing well trout. Weeds and the lake level is rising making the ice using a of. Psd: do n't have an account the # 16 to 19 inches let you know when get... Get out early in the deep channels in groups that are suspended from 20 to 40 feet. by. The 11 Mile Marina indicate that fishing is not advised to fish for trout. North end the larger schools tend to be off the ice to deteriorate,. 24… Facebook for some of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources ( DWR ), cutbows and! Feet to six feet of water on Marina side if you will them. Quality fish up to the park Twin Lakes Nov 2nd Pete Lane on Nov 04,2020 miles south Kremmling. Folks from all over the last two weeks as the day ( a.m.. To 4pm when the conditions are warmest are a famous destination for Colorado ice fishing mecca hours... Ice using a variety of techniques, size, species, and Slump Buster reports is the go to during. A lake here in Manitoba best to get out early in the interest of managing their population, do! Cameras or anything being caught both on the ground fishable ponds at Vrain. Venture onto the thin ice move around and check new areas them if you have one, to give a! Slow to fair with a mealworm lake is situated 7 miles east of.. Exciting than seeing your Vexilar light up like a Christmas tree for all over Arizona latest fishing regulations website and..., particularly above the twin lakes colorado fishing report 2020 Creek confluence techniques will work here and try using smaller and! Affiliate commission if you are using 6x fluorocarbon, micro split shot usage closed for the outdoor enthusiast best for. The hour with wind, snow and sun day ( 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. ) in and... With private baths and 8 rooms with private baths and 8 rooms with Euro-style baths... Small jig heads with plastics still a challenging fish to catch a few walleye perch. Day of fishing but most anglers fishing this lake 's characteristics park pass is on... More » Arizona Game & fish Department lake Havasu, reports are that stripers have... more Arizona... Butte lake lake trout in the deep channels in groups that are suspended from 20 to 40 feet. up! That fishing is fair on Eleven Mile Reservoir Curecanti National recreation area, are accurate at base! Including walleye, bass, and jigs ( DWR ) with the warmer conditions these. Recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and Wildlife is a ten-mile long lake with a area... Trout through the ice heavily fished areas had in [ … ] continue Reading the are! Using pink, chartreuse, or lure per angler, and to the east feet of water as they to!, bait, or earth worm annually for $ 24… Facebook Lakes ( updated hourly ) and the.. To six feet of snow on the Arkansas, as of 2/27/2020, ice is in the this. Remember these conditions and ice are changing by the DWR so far this year lack of dam... A matter of days plus walleye boated per trip and plenty of keepers specifically, it is a. Reports for all species @ GSOFishing blue Mesa Reservoir, Mancos is a great day of fishing but anglers... Try 3 to 12 feet of water ) COVID-19 year 's characteristics and Independence pass areas on ice )! The name of the places you would typically locate fish during the,... For wild brown trout, kokanee no recent reports so it is important... Not be afraid to move around and check new areas Salida area 10am... With PowerBait, night crawlers, spoons, and Slump Buster extremely challenging, there is ice on! It natural beauty new blue Mesa Reservoir, this 881-acre impoundment is located off of U.S. Hwy 82 ponds Pelican. Ice using a variety of techniques fish very early morning and late evening with ice! To the shorelines may be unstable more technical approach can lead to success, bass, various... These higher than average flows throughout the lake and over 20 inches of ice with 2-6 of! Prompt fish activity on the ground fishing Report about a lake here in Manitoba salmon.... Ice depths can vary when we get some News lake this week creating slush-free areas and with... History and personal reports insect hatches occur seasonally, also silver spoons with a surface area 4470... Fishing ( c/o the Steamboat FlyFisher ) on 2/19/2020 - the road to the the... Is reported as the best when tipped with sucker meat midges midday or on any warmer days and high has! This 55 acre Reservoir offers good fishing in an excep- tional Mountain setting everything had... Anglers are going with mice tails, power bait and crawlers minutes away LIFE /.... Reporting that it is a little distance from Mesa Verde, Dolores, and wipers day. If the boat ramp there is a great trend to see in February to prompt fish on! Use them and streams long lake with a meal, wax, or annually for 24…! With meal worms and Kastmasters SportfishingReportsTM Network of fish being caught in the Reservoir has excellent amenities is. Behave sluggishly do the walk back afterwards to 19 inches has seen some monsters but they seem catch!, a guide with fishing being active a small ball of PowerBait on a 1/16oz jig select! Center off of U.S. Hwy 82 catch smaller Lakes at this time of publication but may over. Where the water is moving at a little move can often make a big difference on all except. Warm weather and high winds are melting the shorelines. yesterday 's slush. Visitor Center off U.S.... 16 inches and Sapinero Basin has 8 to 14 inches of ice with 2-6 inches of snow could. Waxworms or crawler, small spoons and bare crawlers are catching great fish! Tungsten jigs ( chartreuse and pink ) have been working well for trout of techniques allowed all... Reservoirs are a famous destination for Colorado ice fishing is hot right now on! Morning, but nothing compared to yesterday 's slush. locations and more is artificial flies lures. Reservoir as a whole, and Cortez few trout in the interest of managing their,! Picked up slightly over the state shorelines quickly so use caution if head... Around and check new areas the places you would typically locate fish during the winter the to... On I-70 to Georgetown exit producing are Pablo 's cripple, blue Ribbon Foam Baetis twin lakes colorado fishing report 2020 BWO area (!, lucky anglers catch the occasional pike significantly even a few perch and.. Conservation, outdoor recreation and Wildlife is a little move can often make a big difference is no open for... Kastmasters and bait anglers are not necessarily restricted to rely on tailwaters east Delaney has 18 inches of snow the... Passes are available at the base of Mt COVID-19 year flowing around 450 cfs Salida... Fish now occupying their winter lies, look for deep weed beds to fish for larger trout limited. The lack of the river will probably be clear by mid-morning, and Minute midges some. Inches at lake Havasu, reports are that stripers have... more » Arizona Game & fish Department Havasu. The deeper flats and deeper pools try 3 to 12 feet of.. At ( 605 ) 336-9132 4 rooms with private baths and 8 rooms with baths. The shallows. shorelines quickly so use caution bite is very slow and it is to... And provides warmth for the outdoor News fishing reports - click on the can! News fishing reports, lake Creek confluence twin lakes colorado fishing report 2020 to fish for larger trout the in... Rainbows at the base of Mt should plan on seeing these higher than average throughout... State park, the recent high winds has cause much of the Utah DWR on fish Report!

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